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Installation and Maintenance

Post Installation

When shipped from the manufacturing facility, our interlocking tiles do not include a protective finish. We highly recommend that newly installed rubber flooring be protected using a tarpaulin or similar products to ensure the flooring can be cleaned.

Initial Cleaning

We advise to not wash the rubber floor for at least five days after installation. Before applying a sealant to finish, remove any dirt or grit from the job site to prepare the flooring. Failure to clean properly will cause bonding issues as well as the entrapment of dirt in the floor.

Regular Floor Maintenance

A regular maintenance program is extremely important and will increase the life of the floor and finish. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the amount of traffic on the floor. For general cleaning, a neutral cleaner should be used. Do NOT use steel wool, abrasive brushes, abrasive cleaners or solvents of any type on the rubber flooring.

Restorative Floor Maintenance

When noticeable accumulation of dirt and other contaminants become embedded in the rubber floor finish, a quality floor stripper should be used to remove the existing finish. After the floor stripper has been applied and removed per the manufacturer’s instructions, a neutral cleaner should be applied to the stripped area. Once the rubber flooring has been cleaned and allowed to dry, a sealer can be used to restore the finish of the treated area.

Things to Avoid

  • Steel Wool
  • Abrasive Brushes
  • Alkaline Cleaners
  • Solvents

IMPORTANT: To prevent slip and fall accidents, always use a Wet Floor sign when wet rubber flooring has been cleaned and is open to floor traffic.

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